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RECONCILE + RECONNECT is a new group therapy offering at b’well counseling that aims to help adult women start the work of healing the relationship between themselves, food, and their bodies.


Think of an interpersonal relationship in your life that has needed healing. The reconciliation of this connection is different than “making up” or “getting back together” with the other person. Reconciling requires transparent communication and time. It asks that the parties involved return to the scene of the conflict and try to understand each other’s perspectives before moving ahead.

In Intuitive Eating, we ask the same of our selves and our bodies. We are not simply setting out on a new way of eating, we’re approaching every signal and sensation that our physical system throws up with from a place of alignment with our body.

Often, clients comment that they can't do this, that I don't understand... "Katie, my body/hunger is out of control. I've tried following its lead and it leads me to a three hour binge and the next day I don't get off the couch." They feel like they've been tricked, like this Intuitive Eating thing is just one more program they've failed or more proof that their body is beyond repair.

It is so helpful and essential to know that the first phase of Intuitive Eating doesn't usually feel intuitive, isn't overnight magic and is really all about trust-building; our bodies need time to learn that we are not going to continue the cycle of hurt with food restriction, ignoring hunger or fullness signals, or compensatory exercise. Our bodies need proof that we are going to care for them rather than push them to the limit and disregard their wisdom; they need nourishment to allow hunger pangs to return, consistent responses to signals for food, sleep when it’s clear we are done for the day, to go to the bathroom rather than hold it another ten minutes, to get away from the desk and into fresh air when our eyes ache from screen staring, to not go to the weights class when we’re in pain. Through each choice to respond with compassion to our body, we are earning back its trust.

To put it simply, reconciliation is not a one time deal: it’s a process that can help us truly RECONNECT and allow our bodies to return to a place of operating rather than bracing for or reacting to restrictive eating cycles and forced movement.

This reconciliation doesn't just reconnect us to our bodies and to food... rather, after doing the work of tuning in, many people realize they've gotten back in touch with their needs, boundaries, desires, strengths, and stories.

It is an honor to have the chance to host this group at b’well. If you’re at all curious, I hope you’ll be in touch.

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