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5 Myths About Grief That You Might Believe

5 Myths About Grief That You Might Believe | grief counselor | B'well Counseling Services

Grief is inevitable, with most everyone experiencing grief at one point or another in their lives. After experiencing the loss of a loved one, life changes such as job loss or financial issues, or any other major life event, it is very common to experience grief. At these junctures, we may realize how complex grief can be in that it encompasses feelings of anxiety, loneliness, shock, sadness, and even helplessness. In order to bypass these unpleasant feelings, people may even try to avoid the grieving process altogether. If you are researching or experiencing grief, you may have come across several common myths surrounding grief. An experienced grief counselor can help you to identify those myths and will work with you to navigate the intricacies of the grieving process.

Common Myths Surrounding Grief:

Myth 1: Everyone Grieves in Stages

You may have heard of or read about the five stages of grief; denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Most of us grieve differently, and there is no specific approved way to grieve. While you will likely experience all of these stages throughout your grieving process, they often do not occur in a linear manner. You may revisit many of the stages throughout your grieving process. Therefore, we shouldn't worry when our grief does not adhere to the aforementioned process.

Myth 2: Grief is an Emotion

In many scenarios, we mistake grief for a feeling. Grief indeed encompasses some of the most painful emotions we can imagine, and we might find ourselves relating it with sadness. Instead, grief includes multiple emotions such as anger, sadness, and frustration. It's even common during grief to experience positive feelings, such as in the death of a loved one with the reassurance that our loved one is no longer in pain. A grief counselor can assist you in identifying the feelings that you may be experiencing as a result of your grief.

Myth 3: More Grief is Better

Grief is different for each person and in each loss situation. Just as there are no specific steps to work through grief, there are no rules as to the amount of grief that a person must experience in order to work through their emotions. After a loss, some of us may find it hard to attend school or work while others may find that carrying on with their normal activities provides them with structure and comfort as they work through their feelings. Listen to your body and your emotions

Myth 4: Ignoring Your Pain Will Help it Go Away

Just like any other physical trauma, grief will not subside if you choose to ignore it. By ignoring them, you run the risk of choosing unhealthy coping mechanisms in order to deal with your emotions. In order to begin your healing journey, many people find it helpful to first acknowledge that we are grieving. If you are finding this difficult, an experienced grief counselor can help you toward your healing journey.

Myth 5: The Goal is to Get Over Your Grief

The goal of grief varies depending on the individual. Oftentimes, people may find that the "goal" of their journey shifts more toward learning to live with your experiences while moving forward in a happy and healthy manner.

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