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How Can We Grow From Trauma?

There are many questions surrounding trauma. Many of which tend to go unanswered because of the lack of discussion around this topic. Conversations around trauma can be tough conversations to have. However, they can also be beneficial and even necessary. Moreover, having these conversations can often help us learn to grow from the trauma we’ve experienced. Contacting a grief counselor in Towson, MD can be a good first step when it comes to discussing and growing from traumatic experiences.

What is Post-Traumatic Growth?

The theory of post-traumatic growth involves a transformation that occurs after trauma or a traumatic experience. This theory is built on the belief that, sometimes, people who endure adversity and psychological struggle are capable of achieving positive growth. One of the best parts about this is that there are no timelines or expectations. This process of growth after trauma is very personal. It is personal to the individual and the individual’s experience.

3 Benefits of Experiencing Post-Traumatic Growth

Although the pain from trauma may never completely disappear, what we gain from this process can be deeply meaningful and purposeful. Here are some benefits of experiencing post-traumatic growth.

Strengthen Relationships

After living through serious struggles, we can sometimes feel that we are alone or that there is no one there for us. However, this growth can help us see the loved ones that are around us, supporting us. It can also help us open ourselves up to new connections and relationships.

Increase Gratefulness

Trauma tends to close us off from the things that are happening around us. Even just talking about trauma to a trusted grief counselor can help us release it and take a step back to see the life around us and in us.

Boost Self-acceptance

Our trauma often tells us lies about ourselves. Talking about it can help us to see that those lies are not true of who we are. The person we confide in can also help to remind us what is true. Growing through trauma can help us accept ourselves again for who we really are, not who the trauma tells us we are.

Pain and Suffering are Not Easy

When we experience pain and suffering, life can change for us. However, when we start to talk about it, we can begin to grow from it. Dealing with trauma can often make us feel alone. But it’s important to know that you are not alone and it is ok to ask for help. The bright days come after dark nights.

Talk to a Grief Counselor in Towson, MD

B'well Counseling Services is a mental health therapy practice offering a full range of therapeutic services including holistic therapy in Towson, MD, and the Greater Baltimore area. We believe in helping people rekindle their curiosity and reconnect to their core selves so that they can truly be well. We value wellness and connection over happiness because we understand that being able to experience the full range of human emotions and experiences is what helps us heal and grow. At B'well, we are dedicated to creating a space for anyone who has ever felt unwelcome because of their identity, orientation, or expression.

B'well Counseling Services, a grief counselor in Towson, MD offers Telehealth Therapy Services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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