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The Benefits of Being Vulnerable in a Relationship – A How-To Guide

The Benefits of Being Vulnerable in a Relationship | Counseling Near Me | B'well Counseling Services

Vulnerability in an intimate relationship, friendship, or close personal relationship can be life-changing. Vulnerability can also feel terrifying at times and it opens you up to a certain amount of visibility that you may not be used to. If you've found yourself Googling "counseling near me" as you look for ways to be more vulnerable in a relationship, B'well Counseling Services can help.

Why Do People Avoid Vulnerability?

While there are many benefits to expressing vulnerability, it can be hard for some people to open up. Vulnerability may bring up deep-seated fears from within such as feelings of abandonment or rejection. These fears may be due to past trauma or pain that they have experienced throughout their lives. It can take an incredible amount of personal strength and courage to share personal things about yourself with others. One way to assist in healing trauma and confronting our fears is to acknowledge that while we can't stop ourselves from being afraid, we can learn to manage our fears and push through them. The only way to reap the amazing benefits and closeness that vulnerability can cultivate is to open yourself up to new experiences and emotions, regardless of the fear that you're feeling.

The Benefits of Being Vulnerable

One of the main motivators for seeking more vulnerability in a relationship is the deep closeness and connection that comes as a result of letting your guard down and letting other people in. Whether you identify as an introvert or extrovert, all humans need some form of companionship and connection with other people in order to lead a happy and fulfilling life.

Vulnerability is also a key component to both trust and intimacy. Trust is more easily fostered when people sense vulnerability and authenticity in their partner. You may find that if you share a willingness to express feelings and emotions with your partner, you will begin to watch the trust grow from within your relationship. When you trust someone, intimacy starts to grow naturally as a result of the shared experiences.

How to Be More Vulnerable with Counseling

Opening up and getting past the fear of being vulnerable can be done by taking the time to reflect on your behaviors and identify the reasons why you may be closed off. Take the time to get to know yourself and really define what the idea of vulnerability means to you.

When it comes to vulnerability, practice really does make perfect. As with anything new, it takes some time and experience to foster any growth. When practicing vulnerability, take notice of how your body feels. Explore the different sensations, no matter how uncomfortable they may be at first. As you find yourself getting used to these new sensations, you will start to see an increase in your ability to be vulnerable.

The heart of vulnerability is really about acknowledging and expressing your own truths. Taking the time to share how much you love and appreciate those close to you is one form of vulnerability that can go a long way in forging closeness with those around you. If you find this process difficult and are looking for "counseling near me" a therapist can work with you to give you the tools to practice vulnerability.

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