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Something New

Photo by Finn Hackshaw on Unsplash

I’m so glad you found your way here to the new b’well counseling services site. For everyone coming over from and Katie Cashin Therapy, thank you for your interest and support over these last four years. As our team and dreams began to grow, so did the vision for what this practice would look like and so here we are, new name, new site, same space and familiar faces.

This transition has been really exciting and inspiring but like any labor of love has had its less comfortable moments. There’s been plenty of room for doubt and discomfort and lots of energy put toward remembering what we value so that we could keep moving forward rather than backwards. The gift of this process was that because we had to get clear about what mattered and what was worth the risk, it yielded a very worthwhile end product. This is so often what we’ve gotten to witness in our work at Katie Cashin Therapy- people who begin to live out of their values instead of their worries, which results in a more connected life.

On our new site you’ll see some powerful statements about what we believe about our work, that it’s meant to “get you off the couch and into your life”, “help you be well, not just happy”, or that it can help you “explore and own” your story. Over the years, these are the processes of the work and frameworks we’ve noticed to be most effective with our clients so we truly hope they will resonate with you.

We encourage you to keep reading the b’well blog, continue to follow us on FaceBook and Instagram, and reach out to learn more about what we offer here at b’well.

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