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Virtual Therapy SEssions

telehealth Counseling Services

Due to COVID-19, our team is currently providing telehealth rather than in-person services. To learn more about telehealth appointments, you can visit our teletherapy page or click below to contact us directly.


About B'Well Counseling Services

We believe in helping people rekindle their curiosity and reconnect to their core selves so that they can truly be well. We value wellness and connection over happiness because we understand that being able to experience the full range of human emotions and experiences is what helps us heal and grow.

A New Approach to Counseling

OUR Therapy Services

We share space with people, not problems, and work from a perspective that considers the systems and both the overt and covert cultural traumas that impact a person.

This is just a sampling of our therapy services, to learn more about all of the services we offer click the button below.

Anxiety & Depression therapy

We recognize, value, and appreciate every feeling on the spectrum, and believe that true healing stems from widening our emotional range and staying connected with our core selves


Management Therapy

We know that both eustress (“good” stress) and distress (“bad” stress) have an impact on how we show up in our daily lives and we help people process the stress their holding.

Gender Affirmative Therapy

Reconnecting with our most authentic selves is not a self-serving pursuit: it is one of our highest and most personal responsibilities and at B’well Counseling.

Life Transitions Therapy

When our fear of change influences how we perceive ourselves and our circumstances, we are faced with a choice: to get stuck in the “stories we tell ourselves about ourselves” or to act in alignment with our values.

Adolescent & Child Therapy

We are here to assist future generations not only survive but thrive in their development so that they can grow into adults who recognize, assert, and spread the need for authentic connection, love, and consideration of others. 



Holistic counseling aims at helping people heal by taking into consideration the entire person, which encompasses psychological, experiential, and spiritual contexts.

OUr Therapists in Baltimore

B'Well Team

Get to know the B'well staff and reach out to step up an appointment with one of our B'well therapists today!

Emily Dufrane, Therapist

Emily approaches therapy through a mindful, anti-racist lens, and draws on a person-centered therapy perspective through her work.

Jake Jackson-Wolf, Therapist

Jake has experience counseling individuals, couples, and families and working with people age 14 and older of diverse backgrounds and identities.

Nia Jones,

Nia continuously works to be trauma conscious. She believes in inviting the whole person into the room, attending to cultures, beliefs, and systems that may be at hand. 

Katie Cashin,

Owner & Operator

Katie's vision & hope is that B'well can provide a new experience of therapy for folks who have been underserved and shamed through pathology-based models of healing. At B'well, she strives to foster a human-centered, sustainable work & counseling environment.

Margaree Nadler,

Practice Management Coordinator

Margaree embraces the significance of therapy as a component for a fulfilling life &  strives to foster a warm and affirming administrative environment for both clients and therapists.

Our Online Resource

B'Well Blog

Read on for information and insights from our therapists through our free articles on the B'well blog. Whether you're looking for support with stress management, anxiety, grief & loss, or Intuitive Eating, you can find our online resources here.

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