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Choosing Healthy Habits Instead of a New Year's Resolution This Year

online counseling | Choosing Healthy Habits Instead of a New Year's Resolution This Year | B'well Counseling

The New Year is a time to start fresh with a new perspective and a fresh set of goals on the horizon. However, the reality is that many people make New Year's resolutions and then don't follow through with them. A New Year's resolution puts a lot of pressure on you to make sudden changes and oftentimes it doesn't account for any setbacks you may encounter. One way to set yourself up for success this new year is to forego a New Year's resolution and instead begin to form healthy habits to take you through the year. If you're not sure where to begin, online counseling services can help you to formulate a plan to focus on mental health and success.

How to Set Healthy Goals for Yourself - Online Counseling Can Help

Write Out Your Goals

The first step in choosing health habits is to write your goals down. Break your plan into short-term and long-term goals and consistently evaluate and re-evaluate how realistic your goals are.

Make Sure Your Goals Align with Your Lifestyle

For example, you may want to spend more time with family but you have a job that requires you to travel six months out of the year. If you find that your goals are not in alignment with the way you are currently living your life, pursuing online counseling can help you to formulate an action plan to get your goals and actions in alignment.

Plan for Setbacks

Always plan for obstacles because they're an inevitable part of both life and goal setting. It's okay for you to fall off course - as many times as you need to. Rather than experiencing self-doubt and defeat, acknowledge that you encountered a setback and move forward from there. Tomorrow is a new day.

Remain Flexible

Remaining flexible and preparing yourself for changes in your goals is another vital step. For example, you may schedule a workout class after work, but a late meeting may have prevented you from attending. Rather than getting frustrated that your plans have a crack in them, you can alter your plans by instead doing an at-home workout. Ultimately, you're still fulfilling your fitness goal, it just may not have come in the form that you originally envisioned. If you find that you're having trouble remaining flexible with your goals, online counseling may help.

Celebrate Small & Large Accomplishments

Instead of focusing solely on the end goal, be mindful of the steps you are taking every day to create a healthy habit. By celebrating both small and large accomplishments, you'll boost your motivation and self-fulfillment.

B'well Counseling Offers Online Counseling

B'well Counseling Services is a mental health therapy practice offering a full range of therapeutic services including online counseling in Towson, MD and the Greater Baltimore area. We believe in helping people rekindle their curiosity and reconnect to their core selves so that they can truly be well. We value wellness and connection over happiness because we understand that being able to experience the full range of human emotions and experiences is what helps us heal and grow. At B'well, we are dedicated to creating a space for anyone who has ever felt unwelcome because of their identity, orientation, or expression.

B'well Counseling Services offers Telehealth Therapy Services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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