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Exploring the Mind-Body-Soul Connection through the Chakras

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

At B’well, we emphasize the importance of holistic wellness, aka: the mind-body-soul connection. When these factors flow together, we maintain connection to our true sense of self, and are able to harness our inner & outer strength, while finding meaning in both celebration & suffrage. Figuring out how to unite your sense of thinking, feeling, and believing can seem daunting or overwhelming, especially when there are so many exciting and different approaches to wellness these days. One way our mind stays connected to our body and spirit is through mindfulness meditation. Today, mindfulness-based meditation can take many different forms, however, its beginnings are rooted in ancient eastern religious practices.

For hundreds of thousands of years, Hindi meditative practices have centered around seven chakras --spinning wheels of energy and light located within our body. Each chakra is located at a specific focal point in the body, with each point corresponding to a different healing energy and purpose.

During every moment of each day, our chakras spin in an attempt to maintain a specific frequency, however, maintaining this frequency is not always guaranteed. When our chakras are unbalanced, meaning the sacred, spinning frequencies are not turning at their optimal rate, we experience blockages. Blockages can cause physical alignments (i.e. stomach pain, muscle tension, and headaches), mental struggles (depression, anxiety, stress), as well as spiritual troubles (feeling disconnected from your cosmic and collective conscious). Meditation, yoga, and reiki are just a few examples of ways you can realign your chakras and restore your energy.

Achieving balance between our mind, body, and soul is a beautiful thing. When our thoughts align with how we feel and act, when our inward and outward emotional expressions reflect our true being, and when we accept our past and present, and welcome our future, we are said to be “balanced”. Maintaining balance is complex & dynamic life-long practice. Be gentle and kind to yourself as you investigate and, in turn, discover how you maintain an authentic connection your mind, body, and spirit.

*Information gathered from the Be Here Now Network and International Association of Reiki Professionals

B'well therapist Emily Dufrane helps children, teens, and adults explore their spiritual selves in a curious and compassionate way.

Reach out to Emily today, to begin your exploration.

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