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What Can I Expect During a Telehealth Counseling Session?

Counseling Baltimore | What Can I Expect During a Telehealth Counseling Session? | B'well Counseling

Telehealth therapy is an online health care service that allows patients and providers to meet for their counseling sessions in an online format. Though online therapy has been available for quite some time, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused it to become increasingly popular. If you need telehealth counseling in Baltimore, B'well Counseling is now accepting new telehealth clients.

The Benefits of Telehealth Counseling in Baltimore

Flexibility and increased accessibility are two of the main benefits of telehealth counseling in Baltimore and the surrounding areas. The online format allows you to participate in a therapy session in any safe space of your choosing. If you've previously found that your work hours restrict your availability for traditional therapy, you may find that telehealth counseling allows you to schedule your therapy sessions in the middle of your workday with little interruption to your normal schedule. Many people benefit from routines and consistency and the option to schedule your session without factoring in commute times and traffic conditions can play a big role in reducing the stress surrounding a therapy session.

Tips For a Successful Telehealth Counseling Session

1.) Treat your telehealth counseling session like you would an in-person counseling session in Baltimore and beyond. The format may be a bit different at first, but the goal remains the same. While you may initially experience some awkwardness or anxiety, be sure to acknowledge and work through this discomfort with your therapist. As sessions go on, you will likely find that you begin to grow and adapt to the new set of circumstances.

2.) Creating a safe and comfortable space for your telehealth counseling session will also help relieve some anxiety. You'll want to eliminate any distractions as you work through your emotions during your sessions. If you have a roommate, spouse, or children, make sure that you're able to go to a private, relaxing space for the duration of your telehealth counseling session.

3.) Since the online format may not as easily allow you to express yourself through body cues and facial expressions, practice expressing your emotion through words. If you experience any discomfort throughout your session, work towards verbally expressing those feelings to your therapist to help with the processing of your emotions.

4.) Lastly, if you are feeling unsure about a certain aspect of the experience, share it with your therapist. This open communication will set you and your therapist up for success as you find what works best for you.

B'well Telehealth Counseling in Baltimore

We understand that the world around us seems to be changing at an hourly rate and B’well Counseling Services is grateful to be able to offer teletherapy sessions to our community during this time. We acknowledge and grieve that this is not how we desire to connect with our community, however in light of the greater need, we choose to prioritize the well-being of our local and global community over our personal preferences. As space to process through anxiety, fear, anger, and confusion is needed now more than ever, B’well therapists have moved to holding this space for people online and discontinuing in-person services for the time being.

Similar to our office setting sessions, we want to talk before we dive into a full session. B’well therapists will continue to offer no-fee 15-minute phone consultations to new clients. Click here to learn more about our Telehealth Counseling Services and to contact us for an appointment.

About B'well Counseling Services

B'well Counseling Services is a mental health therapy practice offering a full range of therapeutic services including behavioral therapy in Towson, MD and the Greater Baltimore area. We believe in helping people rekindle their curiosity and reconnect to their core selves so that they can truly be well. We value wellness and connection over happiness because we understand that being able to experience the full range of human emotions and experiences is what helps us heal and grow. At B'well, we are dedicated to creating a space for anyone who has ever felt unwelcome because of their identity, orientation, or expression.

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