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Being With Gratitude in Meditation

Mindfulness meditation and gratitude are proven to have a profound impact on mental health and are WILDLY popular "self help hacks" right now. But what do these concepts even mean and how do they translate into a practice?

Mindfulness meditation is a type of meditation where you focus your attention inward; meaning what you're sensing, feeling, or noticing in the moment without judgement, evaluation, or interpretation. Taking time to slow down and connect with your inner experience through a curious, compassionate lens helps one cope with stress, discomfort, and distress. Mindfulness meditation is also a beautiful opportunity to pause and let positivity, light, and love sink in.

Gratitude simply refers to feeling or communicating thanks and appreciation. According to

Amy Morin, LCSWC and author of "13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do," expressing gratitude has seven incredible benefits including...

☆ improved physical health

☆ increased opportunity for new relationships

☆ improved psychological health

☆ empathy enhancement and decreased aggression

☆ better sleep

☆ improved self-esteem

☆ increasing mental strength and resilience from trauma

Want learn more? Read Amy Morin's full article on the 7 Scientific Benefits of Gratitude. Curious to lean in and actually feel how gratitude influences your inner experience? Here's your chance!

My video below provides a brief guided meditation on gratitude developed by Peter Bliss, an Australian corporate mindfulness facilitator. Before you click play, take a minute to get all types of comfy & cozy: turn the lights down low, light a candle, kick off your shoes, and perhaps snuggle up with a soft blanket. Allow yourself to be exactly how you are, and start to simply notice your breath, notice your body.

Emily Dufrane, LGPC uses curiosity & compassion

to guide her clients to a more mindful way of being.

In March, Emily and B'well therapist Nia Jones, LGPC will be co-facilitating a pay-what-you-can

4-week meditation group. Visit our "Learn with Us" page to read more & sign up.

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