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How Employers Can Focus on Mental Health in the Workplace

Millions of people in the United States struggle with mental illness each year. Given that the average American spends more than 40 hours per week in the workplace, mental health problems such as anxiety may also be present at work. There are many ways that business owners and company managers can invest in mental health in the workplace. Besides making mental health resources such as an anxiety therapist available to employees, there are several strategies that business owners and managers can implement to promote mental health awareness at work.

1. Create Clear Policies Surrounding Mental Health

As business owners, part of your job entails the formulation and implementation of policies that can promote the growth of the organization. When undertaking such endeavors, mental illness among employees should be addressed. In that context, you should create policies that encourage workers to seek professional help, such as an anxiety therapist, when they need it. Policies should also focus on encouraging regular discussions surrounding mental health and letting people know that mental health encompasses both physical and mental health.

2. Focus on Accommodations for Mental Health

If feasible, to counter the complex effects of mental illness and anxiety in the workplace, business owners and managers can create flexible schedules and offer time allowances for employees to attend appointments. This can create a suitable environment for individuals struggling with mental health problems by eliminating the barrier for employees to receive mental health care while working full-time.

3. Implement Manager/Supervisor Training and Education

You can also manage mental health issues in the workplace by creating training and educational programs to educate managers, business owners, or supervisors on how to identify mental health issues in your employees. By providing education focused on a system of guidelines and resources, you are arming your management team with the appropriate skills necessary to foster a healthy and balanced work environment for all employees.

4. Create Employee Benefits Packages That Include Mental Health Coverage

Business owners and managers can create employee benefit packages that encompass mental wellness programs alongside physical wellness programs. By alleviating the financial burden of seeking an anxiety therapist or other mental health professional, you may also alleviate employee burnout while increasing productivity within your company.

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