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Meet B'well therapist Alex Persons

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Hello B’well Community!

My name is Alex and I am writing my introductory blog post as one of B’well Counseling Services' newest members of the team. I have been so excited to join B’well and make these wonderful new connections in the community! In thinking about what was important for me to convey to you I kept coming back to that word: connection.

Humans are social animals. We are wired to connect, to share, and to support. At its heart, connection brings us feelings of love and belonging. People connect around faith, around social causes, around hobbies and interests, and around work (to name a few). Some people connect in large groups, some people like a more intimate connection, and some people like both! We do not all connect with others in the same way, but different styles of connection are wonderful, and are another example of how diversity can enrich us all. Our need for connection, for love and belonging, falls only behind our human need for food, water, and safety.

Many years ago, when I was a firefighter/EMT, I became aware that the most meaningful part of the job were the connections I made with people. Through sharing stressful and adverse experiences the connections I made were very deep and meaningful with others in the department. And when helping those who needed EMS to get them to a hospital ASAP, I often was able to connect with people and support them during a very difficult time --sometimes the most difficult time they have ever had. At some point I made the decision to get a Master’s degree in Social Work so that I could follow this path and focus my work in this way.

The past couple of years have created a huge disruption in connection. Across the board we were plunged into uncertain circumstances for an unknown period of time, leaving many of us without those supports, those connections, upon which we rely in more challenging times. Anxiety, grief, and loneliness are natural and understandable during times like these. When we lose connection we can often feel untethered, adrift.

Opportunities abound to connect and to reconnect! Nearly eight billion people have been affected in many of the same ways. We are not alone! Reaching out and making connections can make you feel vulnerable. It is an act of courage. We can feel hurt when we are vulnerable, but it is vulnerability that also fosters love and belonging.

I would like to suggest that we try something…together...

I know I have lost connection with some people over the years, and that maybe I’ve been putting off reaching back out to them. I will reach out to one of them to make a reconnection!

If there is someone in your life with whom you have lost connection, and if you feel it is safe to reach out to them, why don’t you give it a shot? If you don’t have anyone like that in your life, what about reaching out and making a new connection?

Give yourself the gift of love and support! We all deserve it!

Alex joined B'well in February and is now

scheduling initial consults for new clients.

If you're seeking therapy that's based in

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