NIA Jones

Therapist, LGPC: LGP10697

Nia approaches therapy in an open-minded, humanistic, and empowering way.  She recognizes how courageous and vulnerable it is to engage in a healing journey, and she values each client’s story.  Nia continuously works to be trauma conscious.  She believes in inviting the whole person into the room, attending to cultures, beliefs, and systems that may be at hand.  She collaborates with clients in exploring and understanding different parts of themselves.  She enjoys helping clients process experiences, build autonomy, practice healthy boundaries and develop helpful communication skills with others as well as themselves.  


You may find working with Nia helpful if… 

  • You want a therapeutic space to just be, to feel seen, and to be heard 
  • You want to understand, navigate, and use your anxiety 

  • You are looking to unlearn patterns and notions that are no longer serving you

  • You are dealing with a new, difficult door in your life 

  • The little box society has confined you in, isn’t quite it for you


Nia studied at Towson University where she obtained a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology.  Nia has experience studying abroad, working in different mental health settings, working in various nonprofits, and working with neuro-diverse kids and adults. Nia researches the influence and role of gendered-racial ethnic socialization in Black women's lives.  Nia has been teaching dance for 3 years, has been dancing for about 14 years, and is also a certified fitness instructor.  She loves to incorporate movement into practice in any way. 

Jake Jackson-Wolf

Therapist, LGP10111

Jake has a profound respect for the autonomy of each person he comes into contact with and views the therapy relationship to be a collaboration between two people in search of meaning. As a therapist, he holds space for his clients to search and explore in a safe and thoughtful environment. Jake approaches this work from an integrationist framework pulling from existential, feminist-multicultural, and relational theories, while also believing that humor and irreverence are uniquely useful tools for healing and growth.


Jake has experience counseling individuals, couples, and families and working with people age 14 and older of diverse backgrounds and identities. You may find working with Jake useful if: 


  • You are discovering or uncovering your core self

  • You want to shift from “getting by” to thriving in your relationships 

  • You have lost someone or something dear to you

  • You want to clarify your values and live in alignment with them

  • You are fired up about the status quo and want to change it


Jake earned his Master of Education in Counseling and Human Services from Lehigh University. Upon returning home to Baltimore, he earned a post-master’s certificate in Professional Counseling from the University of Baltimore. Jake has been primarily working with people affected by the impacts of crime and violence, specifically gender based violence crimes, since 2017.   Through his work in the community mental health field, he has also counseled individuals who have perpetrated violence against their intimate partners. In addition to his clinical experience, Jake is also a published researcher and has presented this work for both local and national audiences.  

Emily Dufrane

Therapist, LGPC: LGP9963

Emily approaches therapy through a mindful, anti-racist lens, and draws on a person-centered therapy perspective through her work. This therapeutic lens allows Emily to recognize, value, and celebrate the unique individuality of her clients' experiences. Emily understands that therapy invites clients into a certain level of openness and vulnerability and she fully appreciates the opportunity to encourage honesty, humility, and self-discovery within a safe and connected space. Emily collaborates with her clients, walking alongside them as they expand their self-awareness and strengthen their ability to experience a full range of the emotional spectrum. Clients describe Emily as thoughtful, funny, creative, and genuine. 

You may find working with Emily helpful if…

  • You feel disconnected from your sense of self or identity

  • Experiences of systemic oppression or marginalization have impacted your wellbeing, and you’re ready to reclaim your truth

  • You are plagued by fear, anxiety, or worry-based thinking 

  • You’re an energetically sensitive soul seeking inner peace 

  • You are a survivor of childhood abuse or intimate partner violence

Emily received a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology from Towson University, and after working in various settings in the mental health field, pursued and obtained her Master’s of Arts in Counseling Psychology from Towson University. Emily’s graduate program emphasized social justice, which enabled Emily to unpack her own biases, and provided her with the educational background to understand the impact that various social, political, and environmental systems have on psychological and mental health functioning. Emily is also a Brainspotting Practitioner and has completed both Phase 1 & 2 trainings.

Nick etheridge

Therapist, LGPC: LGP8750

Nick believes therapy is an exploratory, collaborative process. During session, Nick helps people practice acceptance of life challenges and seek balance. He believes that allowing the experience of the full range of human emotions is key to reclaiming and strengthening our emotional resiliency. Nick is inspired by mindfulness in his personal life and his work, where he strives to hold space for clients to process events and bring feelings into the light without judgment. Nick utilizes Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to help clients remain present and grounded, while collaboratively exploring meaning and purpose.


Clients that work well with Nick don’t necessarily know what they want or need, but are ready to collaborate. Focal issues for Nick are: sexuality and gender identity, polyamory,  traumatic events, marginalization, and grief and preparing for loss.


Nick studied counseling at Shippensburg University of PA earning a Master of Science degree in counseling with an emphasis in college counseling, allowing him to support and challenge individuals through a student developmental lens. Here, Nick learned to Trust the Process (something you will probably hear him say in session). Before graduate school, he studied psychology and music at Shepherd University in West Virginia. Nick is a member of some of the communities he practices with, and is personally empowered through education and advocating.

Katie Cashin

Owner/Therapist, LCPC: LC5759

Katie holds a deep appreciation for people’s honesty, resiliency and willingness to keep growing, even when it's uncomfortable. Her work allows clients to challenge the messages that doubt is bad, depression is weak, and worry is wasted energy. With these mental myths out of the way, her clients stop tripping over self judgments and start working toward what really matters to them: deeper understanding, real growth, honest connection. 


You and Katie may work well together if you...

  • feel fed up with diet culture

  • want to operate a small business and experience life outside of work

  • need to create mental space from your F.O.O. (Family of Origin)

  • realize you've outgrown the box of your religion

  • feel like you're navigating your sexuality without a map

Katie is a national and state certified professional counselor and a graduate of Loyola University's Pastoral Counseling Program. She is a graduate of The Ferentz Institute's Levels 1 & 2 Advanced Trauma Treatment Certificate program and a Certified Brainspotting Practitioner, studying under Dr. Pie Frey & Christine Ranck, PhD. Katie is also a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, and trained for certification with Evelyn Tribole, MS, RD and is a graduate of The University of Michigan's Sexual Health Certificate Program (Sex Therapy Track.) 

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