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How to Support Your Child When They Come Out as LGBTQ+

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LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer) children frequently have a tough time coming out to their parents. They may fear reprisal from parents and bullying by peers. Therefore, it is important for parents to provide their teens with the support they need to transition through this period into healthy adults. In addition to parental support through this transition, a therapist for teens in Towson, MD, can provide a critical resource to manage the myriad emotions of coming out as LGBTQ+.

The Importance of Open Discussions

One of the most important ways of supporting your LGBTQ+ child when coming out is to have open discussions. Being honest about their orientation gives them confidence in your support and helps them healthily navigate adolescence.

Without this level of parental support, LGBTQ+ teens may have a hard time. They are prone to bullying and also tend towards depression and substance abuse. All these difficulties can weaken their coping abilities, which is why transparent parental support is vital to their quality of life.

Parental Vigilance

Parental vigilance may be even more vital with LGBTQ+ children than with teens who are cisgender and heterosexual. Issues such as confusion, the fear of bullying, and isolation can make LGBTQ+ children and teens more vulnerable to violence, which in turn impacts their physical and mental wellbeing.

Parents should remain involved in their children's lives, help them establish goals, and maintain their dreams. Importantly, parents should keep an eye on their LGBTQ+ teens to ensure depression does not set in. Booking an appointment with a therapist for teens in Towson, MD, is another way to show your parental support.

Unconditional Love and Celebration of Your LGBTQ+ Teenager

Unconditional love and the celebration of your LGBTQ+ teenager shows them that they are loved and are to be celebrated for the unique individual that they are. This support can instill confidence to defend themselves against any negativity that they may face throughout their lives. This environment of unconditional love also validates their existence and offers them a haven to grow into strong, healthy, well-adjusted adults.

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