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Chakra Series: Open Your Heart

Today's post continues Emily's Chakra series that's floated between B'well's Instagram account and the blog.

The fourth chakra in the heart system is known as the green, or heart chakra. It’s original name in *sanskrit* Anahata, which means unstuck or unhurt. Anahata is also known as “the way of the heart.” Anahata encompasses all aspects of love, including self-love, and is not solely limited to romantic expressions.

The fourth chakra is also associated with caring, compassion, generosity, forgiveness, acceptance, empathy, kindness, emotional warmth, respect, and joy. It is believed to be a foundational energy in all our relationships, allowing us to experience a sense of connectedness and belonging that unites us all in universal consciousness.

The heart chakra is located in the center of your chest, and is in the middle of the chakra system, so it is responsible for balancing and integrating the physical and spiritual energies of the upper and lower chakras. It’s color is green, despite the fact that many assume it should be red, as it is closely located to the heart. When the heart chakras frequency is spinning in alignment with the rest of the chakra system, it can radiate pink. Gemstones associated with the fourth chakra include jade, green calcite, green tourmaline, malachite, emerald, green aventurine, unakite, ruby, and rose quartz.

So how do you know if your heart chakra is blocked? When Anahata is blocked, many feel disconnected from themselves and from others. You may experience a diminished sense of love and compassion towards yourself, others, or both. You might find it challenging to give and receive love. Blockages in the heart can present as mild emotional upsets, or as explosive emotional storms. You might find that it is difficult to engage with others in positive ways, grapple with forgiving those who have hurt you, struggle to feel empathetic, or experience a sense of overwhelming anger, sadness, loneliness, or anxiety. Repressed feelings, unresolved grief and painful issues, jealously, distrust, and impatience may control your everyday functioning. This blockage in your heart may indicate that your heart chakra is not receiving the love the world holds for you. You may find it challenging to live in joy and express gratitude because you are unable to feel inner peace.

Fear not! If your heart chakra is blocked, it is time to open yourself to unconditional love and to begin transcending your ego’s limits. Emotional centering is the first step toward healing imbalances in the heart chakra. Repressed feelings and emotions must be brought to the forefront and released. Spending time in nature, helping others, giving back to your community, appreciating beauty, or engaging specific yoga poses (like bridge pose, upward facing dog, half camel, or wheel pose) are other ways to begin to release emotional tension and open your heart in order to receive the love you deserve.

If you believe your heart is blocked, I invite you to begin your heart opening journey by reciting the following heart chakra affirmations

I am open to giving and receiving unconditional love.

I welcome into my heart center abundant joy and unwavering peace.

I love myself with all my heart.

As I release past hurts, my heart lightens and my life is enveloped in pure love.

I freely and easily connect with all living beings, knowing that I am one with the universal tapestry of all life.

Love is the guiding force in all my words, thoughts, and actions.

I release all grievances I once held toward others and embrace forgiveness for all, including myself.

Kindness, respect, and love emanate throughout my life.

I love and accept myself unconditionally, just as I am.

It is easy for me to form supportive, loving relationships with others.

I am loved, loving, and loveable. Love is at the core of my very existence.

*Sanskrit is the ancient Indian language that is the primary language of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Hindi philosophy.*

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