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How to Avoid Caregiver Burnout

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There are times throughout our lives when we are faced with situations that are inevitable, such as the illness and impending death of a loved one. During those times, you may take on the responsibility of providing care to your loved one. The person you're caring for could be a parent, a spouse, or a child with a disability. Caregiving has many intrinsic rewards, such as the ability to spend more quality time with that person. As rewarding as it can be, there are times when you may need a break. If you're a caregiver and you find that you're beginning to experience symptoms of burnout, an online therapist in Towson MD can help.

Signs that You Have Caregiver Burnout

If you have ever felt suddenly anxious or depressed after having cared for your loved one, you may be experiencing some of the early warning signs of caregiver burnout. Feelings of sadness, anger, loneliness, or despair are all perfectly normal emotions. With caregiver burnout, these emotions may manifest themselves into other emotions, such as:

  • Anxiety and worry

  • Anger or resentment

  • Guilt

  • Grief

Tips to Avoid Caregiver Burnout from an Online Therapist in Towson MD

Acknowledge and Accept Your Feelings

This step requires you to be gentle with yourself. Caregiving can cause a multitude of emotions to arise and it's important to embrace them without judgment. Anger and resentment are just as natural as the guilt and sadness you might experience at times.

Seek Support

You may find that seeking support for your role, either through an experienced online therapist in Towson MD, or through other avenues, helps you to process it every step of the way.

A good support system can allow you to set boundaries and limits. Carving out some alone time is a critical component in any good caregiving plan and will benefit not only you but the person that you're caring for.

When looking for a support partner, make sure that the person is someone you can trust, who has a complete understanding of your loved one's wants and needs. Keep organized by making a list of foods they can and cannot eat, along with any medications or treatments. Include a list of any activities of daily living that require assistance, such as bathing or going to the bathroom.

Connect to Your Loved One

They may not be able to form the words "I love you" or "thank you," but that does not mean that they do not have feelings of gratitude. There is great joy to be found in bonding with your loved one by assisting them. You can find activities to do together while helping that person with their daily needs. A walk in the park or a day at the zoo can give both of you some much-needed leisurely time together.

Take Time For Yourself

Time to yourself is as essential as the air you breathe and should include rest, nourishment, and hobbies. You may also find that nourishing your body and mind through exercise and counseling is an important part of your self-care. At B'well Counseling Services, we offer online therapy in Towson MD with all the support tools you need to navigate your role as a caregiver.

Looking for an Online Therapist in Towson MD? Learn More About B’well Counseling Services

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