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The Friday Round Up

Ever feel like there's almost too much news to sift through each week? Yeah, same here. That's why we wanted to share some of the articles & blogs that really caught our eye and got us thinking this week. Hope you enjoy and that you get whatever it is you truly you need this weekend.

Be well.

  1. An interesting response to the World Health Organization categorizing burnout as a syndrome

  2. A good reason to triple check your data/who's interpreting it before quoting stats

  3. Is it time to move on from "work-life" balance?

  4. "The diet industry is a virus, and viruses are smart. It has survived all these decades by adapting, but it’s as dangerous as ever." #preach

  5. How Pride Month is being celebrated around the world

  6. And if you won't try therapy for your own sake, do it for your dog

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