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Online Therapist vs. In-Person Therapist

When it comes to online therapy, some of you may be thinking about how nice it would be to be able to do therapy from the comfort of your own home. However, you may also be wondering if having an online therapist in Towson, MD could be as beneficial as having an in-person therapist.

Benefits of Online Therapy

One of the benefits is that you’re not limited by location, you can see your therapist from anywhere in the world. This can be helpful if you live in a rural area or if you travel frequently for work. Online therapy is also convenient because you can usually schedule sessions around your busy life.

Another benefit of online therapy is that some people feel more comfortable staying home than they do going to their therapist’s office. These people may feel like they can open up more easily or that it's easier to be honest about their thoughts and feelings. Talking to an online therapist in Towson, MD can be beneficial for many reasons.

Is Online Therapy as Useful as In Person Therapy?

Some people may be wondering if an online therapist is just as helpful as an in-person therapist. One study found, “that online CBT was just as effective as in-person CBT for treating anxiety and depression," after they put together results from 1,400 therapy patients. Another study, "directly compared the effectiveness of the online CBT to in-person CBT found that the two methods of therapy were equally effective at reducing depression."

So, if you're wondering whether online therapy is just as effective as in-person therapy, the research shows that it is. It's up to you to decide what format you prefer. If you're more comfortable talking to a therapist online, then go for it. If you prefer in-person sessions, then that's great too. The important thing is that you find a format that works best for you. Therapy can be extremely helpful, so don't be discouraged if one method doesn't work for you.

However, it's important to make sure the therapist you're connecting with for online therapy is fully licensed to provide therapy in the state where you're located and an appropriate fit for your needs. Make sure to check this and ask them about it before meeting with them.

Find an Online Therapist in Towson, MD

If you’re looking for an online therapist in Towson, MD, B'well Counseling Services is a mental health therapy practice offering a full range of therapeutic services including holistic therapy in Towson, MD, and the Greater Baltimore area. We believe in helping people rekindle their curiosity and reconnect to their core selves so that they can truly be well. We value wellness and connection over happiness because we understand that being able to experience the full range of human emotions and experiences is what helps us heal and grow. At B'well, we are dedicated to creating a space for anyone who has ever felt unwelcome because of their identity, orientation, or expression.

B'well Counseling Services offers Telehealth Therapy Services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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