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Nick Tried Presently and Pixel for one week... and kept using them

What app did you use for one week?

I tried two this time (and have been using them for a while). Pixel - a mood tracker, and Presently - for gratitude journaling

These have been so wonderful that I’ve continued to use them.

What were your impressions before you started using it?

Pixel- I was sure how much use I would get out of this because it is limited to just being a tracker. I chose to download it though because of the developers emphasis on community. He made a discord for it, which I admittedly have not looked at.

Presently- I love how simple it looks and how user friendly it is.

Side note for both, I really like their logos!

How was the interface for this app?

Pixel- The app is very easy to use. The daily prompts to assess your mood for the day and the way to add emotional words is very straightforward. It’s a very nice tracker because it saves your words you add. Once you build some curiosity about your patterns on here, it’s very easy to use the built in tools to gain more insight.

Presently- This app is beautifully minimal. There is no learning curve. The simplicity means it’s very easy to scroll through the things you are grateful for. The push notifications are very helpful and well timed to reflect on what you are grateful for each evening.

What about the app was helpful?

Using both of these apps together made it super easy to take a minute and really think about my day. Starting with Pixel, I can stop and think about what I have been feeling and experiencing from a lens of curiosity and observation, since the point is to track it like data - not judge it. After starting that process of looking inward, the transition is super easy to then think about what happened today that I am grateful for, especially since our inkling with reflecting on the day with a mood tracker is to think about the negative. Using them hand in hand built a shortcut to more genuine reflection that includes the positive and makes space for more of it. I could start to see this reflected in my pixels.

What would you add or take away from the app?

I honestly cannot think of a single thing for either of them. The data produced that is exportable in Pixels takes into account that it can be useful for people at home, but also with providers. Presently is simple and perfect for what it is.

What did you notice after using this app for one week?

It’s hard to articulate the subtle differences I felt, but over time it became clear that I have a habit of looking back and seeing stress, so I historically have stored those days away in the stressful file. The days started changing color though the longer I used them both. I feel like I’m able to approach gratitude and reflection very freely, even before the push notification.

Who would benefit most from this app?

I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t benefit from these apps. They both have a gentle approach to encouraging introspection, and the simplicity of them reduces major barriers to feeling overwhelmed or disinterested in learning a new system. I think especially during this time of COVID-19 any thing we can do to remain grounded and connected with ourselves is helpful, so we don’t lose track of our experiences. Staying here allows each day to have substance and counters the anxiety of rumination.

What's the cost for this app after a free trial?

Free to download both and free forever! Pixel has a built in feature that lets you watch an advertisement to help fund them and you can pay $1.49 for additional colors.

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