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Nick tried "Fabulous" for a Week...

What app did you use for one week?

I used Fabulous. The tag line is: Embark on a journey to reset your habits

What were your impressions before you started using it?

I was excited by the logo and the general artwork of it. In general, this app is pretty to look at.

How was the interface for this app?

If you use it with curiosity, it’s fairly user friendly. The first three days are pretty self explanatory, as it walks you through your first “new habit.”

What the app doesn’t do within its on boarding is tell you what is it has to offer. If you’re like me, and need something to jump out in front of your face sometimes to notice it, then you probably will go the whole week before you realize there are audio recordings for guided meditation and psycho-education. I tried the app a bit longer, so it took me another week to notice I can add my own habits to try to start.

What about the app was helpful?

The gentle reminders in the morning were helpful, but not unique to the app. What I most appreciated was that it would suggest ways for you to prep that day before for your morning habit. The first one - spoiler alert - is to drink water first thing in the morning. The night before it will have you put a glass of water by your bed. Keeping it simple like this is pretty helpful.

What would you add or take away from the app?

I would have added some specific guidance about how to best use the app. I felt like it had good bones, but again, didn’t really tell me how to use it to my advantage. The app also stopped reminding me after about a week of not using it (I forgot to to delete it, oops) which seems problematic.

What did you notice after using this app for one week?

Personally, I noticed that I had pieces of some habits started, but needed just a gentle push to make them more concrete. And these habits I was doing for myself reinforced the sense that I can do little things for myself to feel regulated all day. But then I noticed that I struggled to come up with new ones.

Who would benefit most from this app?

Someone with ideas of areas of growth already in mind. This app could be used in conjunction with therapy goals, or with general wellness goals. I think people who already have motivation, but just need that extra push and reminder would best benefit. If you are someone starting from scratch or without direction in this regard, I don’t think this is the app for you.

What's the cost for this app after a free trial?

Free to download, one week free trial, it was on sale for $40 a year, but is usually $80 a year.

B'well therapist Nick Etheridge knows that motivation is a process and likes finding new ways to break big goals down into realistic steps.

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