Brainspotting therapy is a revolutionary therapeutic modality that enables one to tap into the brain and body’s innate ability to heal itself from pain, trauma, and chronic stress, as well as a wide variety of other struggles.


The time, space, and opportunity for this natural healing process to occur does not always align with our modern lifestyle and schedule. The demands of life keep us moving, sometimes with urgency and pressure, and we are not able to seize a chance to pause, slow down, allow our experience, and recover. Without slowing down and subsequently releasing & reintegrating new found thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, our emotional and physical pain remains.


This pain and discomfort becomes buried deep within the inner and mid-regions of the brain, areas that are difficult to access with traditional talk therapy, which can fall short of targeting regions beyond the higher brain that deals with more conscious, neocortical thinking. By targeting the subcortical brain, Brainspotting Therapy is able to target and heal areas of the brain that are holding emotional and body-based energy and memories.


With Brainspotting Therapy, a skilled clinician assists in locating points within one’s visual field that reveals unprocessed trauma within the subcortical brain. During this process of releasing the core neurophysiological sources of emotional turmoil, a recalibration of the nervous system is able to occur, allowing for a sense of inner peace and resolve.


If you’re curious to see how and why “where you look affects the way you feel,” join Brainspotting clinicians Emily Dufrane and Ryan Muffi via Zoom on July 30th from 10AM - 12pm (EST).


As a participant, you will learn more about this incredible treatment and witness a live demonstration of the process. Attendees will receive a copy of the event recording along with lecture content and a Brainspotting resource list. We hope at the end of this workshop, you will know if pursuing Brainspotting therapy aligns with your professional goals. 


This workshop is offered on a pay-what-you-can scale. We encourage anyone suffering economic hardship to pay any of the lower rates that work with your finances and anyone with economic stability to pay at the $20 full rate.


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Registration for this workshop closes on Friday, July 23.


Time to Release: A Live Healing Event for Clinicians- NO CEU's