Mindfulness meditation can be a centering, healing, and liberating experience, but for many, it can be inherently challenging and dysregulating.  Learning to be with your thoughts, sensations, and emotions with a non-judgemental, embodied presence is not easy. It does not come naturally and it takes practice. 


If you’re a first time meditator, or someone who is looking to learn how to expand your practice, then this group may be for you! 


Join Nia & Emily from B’well Counseling Services for a weekly morning mindfulness meditation group online via Google Meet. The opportunity for containment, connection, community, and conversation begins on Thursday March 25th at 9:30AM and will continue through Thursday April 15th. 


Group sessions will run for one hour each week. During this hour, you will learn about the purpose and benefits of building a mindfulness meditation practice. Week to week, we will guide you in expanding and lengthening your practice, enabling you to sink deeper into being with yourself. 


*This meditation group is offered on a  pay-what-you-can scale. We encourage anyone suffering economic hardship to pay any of the lower rates that work with your finances and anyone with economic stability to pay at the $25 full rate. If you are able & interested in paying for a scholarship spot, please choose the $50 rate. This will allow us to offer an opening to participants who are unable to afford this opportunity.

Still, Connected, Well: Building Your Meditation Practice

Pay What you can
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