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adolescent and child therapy

Children and teenagers alike are learning to navigate life, and now more than ever before, are exposed to adult stressors and worries at an increasingly younger age.

Kids these days can get a bad rap. All too often we hear adults say that younger folks are more entitled, ill-mannered, and destructive than generations before. Often, we adults negate the fact that children are truthfully more attentive, perceptive, and intuitive than their older counterparts. Kids pick up on moods that permeate through a room quicker and more accurately than us, but how can that be?


Children are learning to trust their world, trust their surroundings, trust those that claim they love and support them... Every moment, action, or reaction that a child interprets helps them construct their self-concept, identity, and beliefs about their environment and the world around them.

Our children have greater access to the global community, which means they are trying to synthesize a world full of information on a daily basis. We place mature expectations on kids before their brains are developmentally capable of handling things like career decisions, sex, love, and coping with violence.

adolescent and child therapy

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We now understand that the human brain does not reach full development until we reach our mid- to late 20’s. This means that the areas of the brain responsible for regulating both thoughts and emotions are not done growing until what many of us consider to be “well into adulthood.” From a physiological and neurodevelopmental perspective, the adolescent brain cannot acquire these skills on its own: it needs  a co-regulator until it is fully formed.

B'Well's Promise

At B’well we want parents, caregivers, teachers, and anyone responsible for tending to the young minds of tomorrow to understand adult co-regulators are a crucial piece of the childhood development puzzle. We also know, that this can be a daunting task. Rest assured, we are here to help...


Our child and teen therapists bring specialized training and supervision in the field of child and teen therapy to their work but what truly matters is that they actually enjoy this work! Many of them would say that working with younger people is energizing and that they appreciate kids and teens’ zest for life, curiosity of the unknown, and willingness to try and explore new things.


We are here to assist future generations not only survive but thrive in their development so that they can grow into adults who recognize, assert, and spread the need for authentic connection, love, and consideration of others. 

About B'Well Counseling Services

B'Well Counseling Services is a welcoming and open-minded practice at home right outside of Baltimore, Maryland. Our therapists specialize in providing counseling services including but not limited to:

  • Anxiety and Depression

  • Stress

  • Life Transitions

  • Technology Overuse

  • Children and Adolescent Therapy

  • Grief

  • ... and so much more

At B'Well, we are dedicated to creating a space for anyone who has ever felt unwelcome because of their identity, orientation, or expression.

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